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Anyone in Southern California who is interested in independent film should check out a new film being screened at USC on June 18th, 2004. It's a free screening so check it out. Here's the info:

Friday, June 18th, 2004 - 8:00pm on the USC Campus in George Lucas 108 Theater. Admission is free.

Important - Please arrive early so you get a seat, theater is expected to be full!!!

George Lucas 108 Theater is located at:
University of Southern California
850 W. 34th Street.
Los Angeles, CA 90089

Since this is the only Southern California screening of Solitary Fracture, Deniz Michael decided to cover the cost himself and make this screening free to the public.

Film Synopsis:
An average man living an average life loses everything and in the process realizes that he had nothing to begin with. The story follows Mike Peters (Deniz Michael) in his downward spiral and takes you through the struggles of his everyday life.

About the Filmmaker:
This is the first film for filmmaker Deniz Michael who wrote, directed, produced, edited, starred in and wrote the score for Solitary Fracture. It took Deniz Michael over 2 years to complete this movie. He began working on Solitary Fracture when he was 23 years old and finished working on the film just shy of his 26th birthday.

About the Film:
Solitary Fracture is unique because there is only one character shown in the film (only a few other voices are heard in the background). This technique is used to show isolation and withdrawal from society. Deniz Michael believes the use of only one character, is groundbreaking, as well as being very risky for audience approval. Nevertheless, he attempted and finished this unusual project.

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